Wholesale and retail trade; fix of cars and motorcycles

Wholesale and retail trade; fix of cars and motorcycles

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Economic and insurance coverage strategies

Real estate recreation

Expert, logical and technical activities

Administrative and help solution strategies

People management and protection; compulsory social security

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Arts, entertainment and relaxing

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Provider: Slovak Statistical workplace, A truktA?ra priemernej nominA?lnej mesaA?nej mzdy zamestnanca podA?a ekonomickA?ch A?innostA­.

Minimum wages

The very least salary is actually legal and monthly and hourly salary costs were determined. Relating to operate No. 663/2007 regarding minimum wage, as revised, personal partners negotiate the amount of minimal wage. Negotiations generally occur at the tripartite Economic and Social Council. The legal deadline for negotiations try 15 July for the season. When personal lovers on their own usually do not contact an agreement, the Ministry of Labour, Social issues and families should propose the amount of minimal wage for the following season. Government entities takes the proposition from MPSVR SR into consideration right after which helps make the choice. The choice is released in a government decree. The minimum wage level comes into into impact on 1 January and it is legitimate for the whole season. It really is successful for all workforce, branches of sector and parts. Wages in Slovakia are very lower, together with minimum-wage increases just about any year. The month-to-month minimum-wage increased from a‚¬81.30 in 1993 to a‚¬380 in 2015 also to a‚¬480 in 2018 a€“ some 10percent higher than the amount prevailing in 2017. In 2020, the month-to-month minimum-wage was actually a‚¬580.

Minimum wages each month (EUR)






Sex rates

Young people rates

For more information concerning amount and growth of lowest earnings, please see:

Jointly arranged cover outcomes

For lots more detailed information regarding most recent outcomes regarding jointly assented wages, kindly read:

In line with the Information System on performing problems (ISPP) released by MPSVR SR and Trexima, s.r.o. Bratislava yearly, the subsequent normal increases in nominal earnings happened to be consented in collective agreements concluded in the commercial market: 3.2% in 2014; 3.5percent in 2015; 3.6% in 2016, 4.5percent in 2017, 5.7per cent in 2018 and 5.9per cent in 2022. Based on ISPP, affordable wages improved in all groups. In 2022, the best improves are agreed within the , HORECA, agriculture and transfer and space. From inside the multi-employer collective contracts for staff members in municipal solution and public-service similarly 10percent enhance was actually concurred for 2022 and a next 10per cent for 2020.

Operating energy

Performing energy: a€?Any period during which the worker try operating, in the employera€™s disposal and undertaking his recreation or jobs, relative to nationwide legislation and/or practicea€™ (Directive 2003/88/EC). This section briefly summarises legislation and problems with respect to employed times, overtime, part-time be as effective as as functioning times versatility in Slovakia.

Performing opportunity rules

Performing opportunity was regulated of the labor escort service Tempe signal, according to which working energy is the time when a worker will be in the convenience regarding the manager, carries out efforts and discharges commitments pursuant toward job agreement. A rest course shall be any period that is not operating times. When it comes to purposes of deciding the degree of working time and planning functioning times, weekly shall be seven consecutive times. Working time in the course of twenty four hours normally cannot surpass eight hrs. The working period of a teenager employee(under 18 years of age) may not go beyond 8 hrs during the course of a day. The maximum weekly functioning period of a worker shall be 40 hours. For employees performing are employed in two changes it is 38.75 hours, and for employees employed in three changes it is 37.5 many hours.

Performing energy was a normal issue in collective negotiating, where once a week working opportunity standards put of the work rule may be shortened towards staff members in multiemployer collective contracts, and therefore in single-employer or company-level collective agreements besides.

For more more information on functioning opportunity (like yearly leave, statutory and collectively consented working times), be sure to consult:

Overtime regulation

Overtime is actually controlled because of the Labour laws. Overtime job is services performed by a member of staff by purchase for the company or making use of the employeea€™s permission beyond the determined once a week doing work opportunity arising from the fixed submission of employed some time done outside the range on the schedule of work changes. The average once a week performing period of a member of staff, like overtime, cannot surpass 2 days for a time period of four consecutive several months. In the case of a healthcare staff member under other relevant regulation, in the event that worker believes toward given extent of working opportunity, the common once a week doing work time shall maybe not exceed 56 hours. The quantity of overtime hrs in a calendar seasons is limited to 150 hours (or 250 days for healthcare staff members) by order regarding the manager and 400 hrs overall, like overtime efforts, agreed aided by the employee. Overtime operate will probably be remunerated by supplementary payments a€“ a wage surcharge corresponding to at the least 25per cent associated with employeea€™s average profits. Information for overtime operate usually are concurred in collective agreements.

Part-time jobs

Part-time job is managed of the Labour signal and implemented in individual job deals. In line with the Labour signal, an employer may agree with an employee in the employment agreement a shorter once a week employed opportunity as compared to determined standard regular doing work time. Lower employed time doesn’t need to feel marketed overall working days. A member of staff with reduced doing work times will probably be eligible to wages related into the decided decreased employed time. An employee in an employment connection with reduced working opportunity might not be advantaged nor constrained compared to a comparable staff member.

People employed in your free time in Slovakia and EU27 (% of full business)

Supply: Eurostat Labour energy study [lfsi_pt_a] a€“ people employed part-time (20 to 64 years old) a€“ total and also by sex.

In 2020, part-time staff members symbolized only 4.5percent of most Slovak employees, within the EU27 it absolutely was 16.6per cent. The show of part-time work of females are, throughout the long-term, nearly dual than regarding guys. The difference is usually related to the fact that lady nonetheless mainly look after your family.

Involuntary part-time

Involuntary part-time workers can be explained as those working part-time since they couldn’t get a hold of a full-time tasks.

Persons used in involuntary part-time in Slovakia and EU27 (% of overall part-time work)

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