Resolved to Help

During the epidemic, family members still in Liberia informed Hawa that some people were turned away from clinics because they needed to provide their own exam gloves or didn’t have money for checkups. Corruption at various levels prevented aid sent to the country from reaching the people in the way it was intended. Hearing these horror stories—and more—she promised her brother, who still lived in Liberia, that she would find a way to help.  Out of this resolution to help the people of Liberia, the Ri’ayah Foundation was born.

We have personally seen and experienced the harsh living conditions in Liberia, but as heartbreaking as they are, we firmly believe that, with financial support from caring individuals and organizations, we can provide help and hope.  By providing Liberian children with basic nutrition, healthcare and education, we can give them a better chance to reach adulthood, thus enabling them to become self-supporting individuals who are able to care for themselves, their families, and contribute significantly to the future of their community.