What Is the Problem?

With an average per capita income of $820.00 (most people have access to no more than $1 per day), Liberian people do not have the means to obtain the healthcare and necessities of life ā€“ things as simple as food, like rice and beans ā€“ to survive without your help. Liberia has one of the five highest infant to age five mortality rates in the world.Preventable diseases continue to decimate the population, even after the Ebola epidemic has been extinguished.Ā  River blindness ā€“ which is completely preventable with administration of an inexpensive drug – steals the eyesight of many, reducing the number of years they can effectively work. Many leading causes of death ā€“ diarrheal disease (often from parasites in contaminated drinking water), tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, and malaria – are often preventable or curable through either education or treatment.